Yellowstone #3

Alright, Yellowstone number 3. I’ll be happy to just use my iPhone instead of resizing all these pictures from Geoff’s nice camera. Although we wouldn’t have been able to see the dead buffalo if we didn’t have it.

Old Faithful. It was neat to see, especially since you learn about it when you’re young. It isn’t the biggest geyser at Yellowstone, just the most consistent (hence the name Old Faithful). You can see in the second picture how big it is compared to the people. It erupts every 40-120 minutes and fortunate for us, we only had to wait 10 to see it blow.

OldFaithful0 OldFaithful1

We saw a BIG elk on our way out, look at that rack! You can’t get closer than 100 ft (I think) and I wouldn’t want to. We saw a grizzly bear too, but I didn’t want to wait too long to get a picture.


Looked like there was a fire some time ago.


Lewis Falls (we’re almost out of the park)

LeeFalls IMG_0570

We also passed the continental divide a total of 6 times on this trip, from Butte til we got out of Yellowstone. Crazy!

Continental Divide Continental Divide 2

The speed limit in Yellowstone is 45 mph, which is probably good for the curvy roads and abundance of wild animals. But we noticed that it saved us so much gas! We stopped for gas in Livingston right after we left our campsite and didn’t need to gas up again until Dubois, WY. We averaged almost 26 mpg, which is crazy for Geoff’s little Canyon carrying all of our crap.

Drive through Jackson National Park (you enter this park when you leave Yellowstone)

DriveWY1 DriveWY2

Wyoming scenery. Changes from really pretty and green to flat and grassy. We hardly saw anyone on the road and there were open range areas with cattle snacking on some grass right next to the highway.

DriveWY3 DriveWY4 DriveWY5 DriveWY6WY nothing

After we left Yellowstone, it was a long drive to Fort Collins. Our original plan was to camp Saturday night, but we decided to just push on through. After driving through miles and miles of not much to look at and no cars on the road, we landed at our home for the next month at 11:30pm.


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