Yellowstone #2

Here we go with post numero dos!

What does this look like to you? We weren’t sure it was a bison until we blew up the photo on the computer.


I saw it from the road and it wasn’t moving. I’m pretty sure he was dead. Especially since there are no other bison from his herd. Hopefully he’s just taking a nap.


Roaring Mountain. That white stuff you see is steam rising up.


So pretty!


Artist Paint Pots

ArtistPaintPot0 ArtistPaintPot1 ArtistPaintPot3 ArtistPaintPot4ArtistPaintPot2

Then we stopped to eat our lunch next to this cool little river

Yellowstone Creek

Yellowstone Creek1

Next was Grand Prismatic Spring. It looked like an infinity pool! That would probably burn you and cover you with orange bacteria.


GrandPrismatic2 GrandPrismatic1

A different pool



Then we went to Lower Geyser Basin, which is a small area with several pools and geysers. Also an attraction for Hippe Haters.


LowerGeyserBasin4 LowerGeyserBasin3 LowerGeyserBasin2 LowerGeyserBasin1


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