Wednesday night “Township”

Hi everyone! You might notice that we have a different looking email. We switched over to MailChimp from Feedburner and there were a few “unconfirmed” email addresses, so if you haven’t ever received a post in your inbox, feel free to take a look back at our previous posts.

Wednesday night after work we went to a community group (The Town Church calls them Townships) and had an amazing time. Everyone was so genuine and friendly, we had great conversations and felt like they really wanted to get to know us.

We feel really blessed because God has placed us in the midst of a lot of Christians. We enjoyed the first church we tried out, the people we are working with are incredibly sweet, and the CG that we found was awesome. One of the most important criteria points was that there was a Jesus-loving, bible-believing church that emphasizes community. And we found one on our first try! We still plan to check out a few other churches, but Geoff and I both enjoyed The Town Church immensely.

Thursday there was a large thunderstorm that ended up canceling an outdoor concert that we planned to attend with Mack and her family. This was no Seattle thunderstorm. Rain drops were huge and hit the ground hard, there was a lot of lightning flashes and thunder. It was pretty fun to watch!

Fort Collins downtown puts on a lot of events in the summertime, such as this free concert, sidewalk sales, or art walks. We still went out to dinner at a great burger place and had a good time.

Saturday we are going to Cheyenne’s Frontier Days to watch the PRCA rodeo and Alan Jackson in concert. We are really excited!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday night “Township”

    1. Grandma Judy

      Great pictures and news of your “adventures enjoying this wonderful country which God has made!” Annie got me set up/ registered???? whatever so that I could check in and see what the two of you are up too! Love, Grandma Judy


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