Third Stop: Fort Collins

We’ve been in Fort Collins for about four days now and it’s growing on us.

Sunday morning we woke up refreshed on our air mattress and went to The Town Church. It’s an Acts 29 establishment, so parts of it were similar to our Mars Hill church in Seattle. I think a lot of the music was similar and I’m pretty sure it’s Calvinistic. The preacher was great and we were encouraged to attend a community group when we stopped by the Connect desk to chat with them. So tonight we’ll be meeting some new people in FC, going out for dinner and getting more of a feel for the church. I think we’ll shop around some more too to see if there are any others we’d like to attend.

We drove around Fort Collins, picked up some groceries, met Sam (whom we are subletting from for the month) and looked at housing areas. The city seems to be really spread out and there are housing developments backing up to the hills and farmland. It’s a bit bigger than we anticipated and has a neat Old Town district.

Monday, we walked to work at our friends business. Mack has been incredibly hospitable and welcoming to us. We are working in their conference room and all the people working at her small shop are friendly and helpful. We’ve enjoyed spending our days here. (it’s also decorated so well!)Mack Web Solutions

After work, we were eager to see the outdoor resources that Fort Collins has to offer! So we went on a hike to Horsetooth Falls. It was an easy/moderate 3.4 mile loop. It was a great trail with sweeping views of the hills and Horsetooth¬†Reservoir.¬†The waterfall was just a trickle but still neat to see. Towards the end of the hike, we came across a few deer. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a wild animal, we could almost touch them!

Horsetooth Falls Loop 1 Horsetooth Falls Loop 2 Horsetooth Falls Loop 3

Horsetooth Falls Loop 4 Horsetooth Falls Loop 5Horsetooth Falls Loop 6

Horsetooth Falls Loop7

On Tuesday it was a bit hot for a hike so we drove up Poudre Canyon (pronounced pooter, yes I think its weird too) and then back down Rist Canyon. It was a beautiful drive along the Poudre River and up in the mountains. There was a huge wildfire a while back and some of the hills are still black.

Poudre Canyon 3 Poudre Canyon 2 Poudre Canyon 1 Poudre Canyon

Poudre Canyon Drive

Thats it for tonight! I’ll leave you with this one last picture. Also: Please feel free to comment on any of our posts if you have any questions or feedback!

Feet get hot

Anyone else think that sleeping bags with a foot vent are super cool?

3 thoughts on “Third Stop: Fort Collins

  1. walt

    Jenni/Geoff-it is really great getting 1st hand detailed info re your trip. We are so thrilled that you guys would take such a trip with a life changing motive. I’m envious!
    We wish you good fortune as you continue your travels. We are so happy that you seek the comfort of our Lord as you travel-that’s major!!


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