The Drive from CDA to Bozeman

We left CDA around 2 pm and arrived in Bozeman around 8:30 pm. Unfortunately Geoff said no to the drive through liquor store idea since we left a bit later than we wanted. The drive was long but really pretty and went by quickly. I-90 was really curvy and uphill from Coeur D’Alene to Missoula and was very green, full of scenery.

After Butte, we drove over the Continental Divide and it was really rocky with a lot of scraggly looking trees. Once we dropped down over that pass, the landscape quickly changed and resembled Royal City, dry with a lot of sagebrush. Perhaps they have a rainfall effect there too?

Shortly later, it turned in to Big Sky country with a lot of grass and dry land farming with a bit of irrigation scattered throughout. Really gorgeous especially with the mountains in the background. Even through we didn’t originally consider Bozeman, MT as a potential landing place, its at the top of my list! (for right now)

Below is a picture dump of my phone. We’ve got scenery, an awesome speed limit that certainly let us cover some ground, Montana border, Geoff playing Chubby Bunny with grapes and lastly Bozeman!

CDA lake

Speed Limit

Montana Border

Wide Open Space

Behind 1

Sky 1


Geoff Chubby Bunny


I’ll get a post up soon about Yellowstone, but first I need to learn how to use Geoff’s Mac so I can take photos off the nice camera. Or finally use my gift card at Best Buy to get my own Windows computer. Or make Geoff do it. I’ll let you guess at what really happens.

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