Second Stop: Coeur D’Alene

Hello from Idaho! Geoff and I took off Wednesday morning at 5 am and after a short stop in Spokane, made it here in time for Geoff to start work. We are staying with a nice couple that we found via Airbnb. Their spare room is in the basement so its a perfect place to work without any distractions.

Truck in Royal 2 Truck in Royal

Idaho Border CDA HouseAfter working all day Wednesday, we drove around and explored Coeur D’Alene and the surrounding areas. Thursday we met with one of Geoff’s old co-workers and his family for lunch. It was nice to meet some people who love CDA and hear their take about the area, how they transitioned from California, and an honest word about the winters here.

Geoff Working

Thursday evening, we drove around and looked at homes that I found on Zillow. Most of the places we liked were in Post Falls, back in the hilly woods with 5+ acres. Dinner was at an awesome BBQ place. They smoke their meat right out back!

Famous Willies

It’s been beautiful here. The area is surrounded by mountains and meadows, has a big gorgeous lake and is very sunny without being too hot. We’ve encountered deer running across the roads 3 times in the past 48 hours and seen turkeys as well. Yesterday there was a momma and two babies!

Baby Bambi Post Falls mtnCDA to Bozeman

Today we take off for Bozeman after Geoff is done with work. Since we are going to be 5+ hours on the road, I think we’ll stop by this gem before we leave.

Drive Through Liquor Store

Yes, that is a drive through liquor store. Idaho sure knows how to party. I’ll be sure to photo document our trip through it. Here’s another fun photo for you. Brother Speed (that’s the biker name on his jacket) isn’t wearing a helmet. Neither are a lot of other people on motorcycles. Thank you Idaho for letting idiots destroy themselves. I like the way you think.

Motorcycle awesomeness


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