Running Adventure in Fort Collins

Monday was still a bit stormy (and therefore hiking/biking trails were probably muddy), so I managed to convince Geoff to come on a run with me. Anyone who knows Geoff well can probably guess that running is his least favorite activity. Actually, he despises running. But for some reason, he said yes, so we headed to the paved trails of Cathy Fromme Prairie Area.

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Cathy Fromme Prairie

It’s a natural area south of Fort Collins and is a nesting place for Raptors (anyone else think of Jurassic Park when they hear that?) which are birds of prey, so essentially hawks, eagles, vultures, buzzards and any other scary bird that’ll peck your eyes out. So Geoff and I start down the trail and guess what we see?

Cathy Fromme Prairie 3 Cathy Fromme Prairie 2

A rattlesnake! Can you see him? He blends in well.


We ran away fast. But then we had to come back by again to get to the car and he was gone. We still aren’t used to the elevation, so we huffed and puffed the whole way through our short run. If he was there, I don’t think that we could run away from him for long! And yes, I know that rattlesnakes don’t chase you.

I’m not sure if I can convince Geoff to go running with me again, between the snake and our inability to breathe, it wasn’t exactly a joy for him.

Then, the icing on the cake was during our drive home, when we heard a tornado warning over the radio. It was for southeast Wyoming, (Cheyenne is 45 minutes away) so we weren’t too worried, but it was still a first. So we went home and made pancakes for dinner and spent the night watching Lie to Me in the basement, which is fortunately where we sleep. Exciting time for sure!


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