Rocky Mountain National Park #2

Saturday we woke up early and headed back to RMNP for a hike before thunderstorms started rolling in. Hiking at 9,000 feet in a thunderstorm… yeah no thanks. It was a bit short, only 5 miles but really scenic and we gained over 1000 ft in elevation. For those thinking about planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (and you totally should), this was the Alberta Falls to Mills Lake trail, starting at Bear Lake trailhead.

Alberta Falls…

IMG_0934 IMG_0911


More streams to cross…

photo 2 (28) IMG_0934

And this is why they cal it the Rockies…

IMG_0938 IMG_0946

Mills Lake, clear but cold looking water…


photo (8)

photo 1 (27)

photo 3 (24)

photo 1 (26) photo 4 (18)

And this is what squirrels are supposed to look like. Cute and little. Not those big ugly gray things that jump out of trashcans in Seattle.

IMG_0952 IMG_0953

After our hike we drove up Old Fall River Road, a one-way gravel road, the first road, that goes up through the park. It was slow and scenic.

photo 3 (25) photo (9)IMG_0962IMG_0955

Its neat to see the line between sub-alpine and alpine, where the trees stop because they can’t grow above a certain elevation. Alpine is certainly desolate and bare looking, there are just grasses and lichen on rocks. Below you can see a short walk up to an observation area. We huffed and puffed the whole way up. I blamed it on the 12,000 feet elevation.

IMG_0969 IMG_0972 IMG_0976

After our drive up to the top, we traveled down the west side of the park to Granby, then down to Idaho Springs and back up to Fort Collins through Golden and Denver. We were both pretty tired and happy to not be in the car when we pulled up to the house. We had planned to do the MillerCoors tour in Golden but barely missed the 4pm closing time.

The rest of our weekend was spent laying low. We went to church on Sunday and stayed in most of the day because of the rain and thunderstorms. It was nice to take a break since we’ve been going nonstop since we go here in an effort to see and do all that we can. This is our last week in Colorado! Finally, we’ll get to sleep on a real bed (goodbye air mattress) and walk around barefoot.

We leave on Saturday for Santa Barbara so I expect we’ll be doing our best to get more activities in!

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