Low Key Weekend in SLO

Saturday after the surfing competition, we met up with Garrett and Christine to go for a drive through See Canyon. We’d heard from Jacquie that it was really pretty back there and that they had a lot of fun fruit stands to stop at. So off we went!

IMG_0135 IMG_0134

Of course we brought back 10 pounds of apples that we may or may not finish. Grandma Shirl probably needs to teach me how to make her apple pie…

IMG_0131 IMG_0128

It really was a pretty drive through the canyon, then up and over the mountain and down back in to SLO. We made a loop, especially since we drove back to Avila afterwards. We ate dinner at the Custom House in Avila Beach. It was so pretty hanging out on the pier while waiting for a table.

Sunday, we went to church at SLO Calvary. It’s weird trying out new churches. If you aren’t going with a friend or family, you’re there all by yourself, don’t know anyone. You don’t really want to stick around for fellowship afterwards… It’s awkward. We only made friends at the church in Fort Collins because we went to a community group.

Moving on. After church, Geoff finished up a deliverable and then we went on a hike! Madonna was fun- Geoff mountain biked it earlier that week, so it was great to see where he’d gone. And it was a gorgeous day. Sunny with a breeze that cooled us off.

IMG_1401 IMG_1388 IMG_1398


And that was it! Except I forgot to mention that it was Geoff’s 3 year anniversary with Distilled.

IMG_0123 IMG_0124

Monday, we managed to get in quite a few activities.

First, I dropped Geoff off at the top of the grade for another mountain biking lunch break.

IMG_1427 IMG_1424 IMG_1429 IMG_1431

And then picked him up at the bottom with a flat tire.

Second, we went for a random drive and ended up out by Los Osos and Montana de Oro. We really are old people aren’t we? It was kind of creepy looking because of the eucalyptus trees hanging over the road and the foggy/gray sky.


The last one’s exciting! We had Hayley over for a Thai dinner. We had a great time catching up, hearing about her swim from Alcatraz and grad school life. She was an amazing guest because she brought ice cream. Along with just being cool in general.


But that’s the only picture I have to show for it.

First Week in San Louis Obispo

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lapse in posts, it feels like we’ve been busy all week, although I’m not sure what we’ve been doing.

Packing up to leave has become more and more painless. I guess you can say we are pros at it by now.

IMG_0094 IMG_0100

We made it to SLO Sunday evening with plenty of time to unpack in to our apartment. We are staying with a friend of a friend, who converted a portion of her home into a mini apartment. We have a mini fridge, a plugin burner, a microwave and a little sink. However, the living room and bedroom are normal size.


This is what Geoff does on his lunch break.

IMG_1350 IMG_1351

I’d show you what I do on my lunch break but I don’t take pictures of myself shopping. Just kidding! Geoff went mountain biking once on his lunch break and I dropped him off and went to Target.

Wednesday evening, we went out to Irish hills for a mini hike, you know, keeping along with the theme of our apartment. Geoff tried to tell me it was full of leprechauns but I didn’t believe him because there wasn’t any gold.

IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1310 IMG_1303

Thursday, we went to the downtown SLO farmers market. It was neat because they had live musicians each block and tons of food. Usually I feel like there is usually expensive organic fruits and veggies, artisan bread, soaps, and hippie crafts. This one had BBQ, burritos, popcorn, cotton candy, bouncy houses, and cake. Kind of like a party.


We also met up with Garrett and Christine, Geoff’s friends from Cal Poly. It was great to see them and we made plans to do something again later in the week.

Friday, we met Geoff’s parents for Jane’s birthday. It was at a lovely restaurant in Pismo and we watched a beautiful sunset while waiting for a table and hearing about Eric’s recent travels.

IMG_0120 IMG_0121

Saturday was our day to sleep! We got a membership to the new Cal Poly Rec Center earlier in the week and had been going every morning at 6 am. It’s pretty isn’t it?

IMG_1336 IMG_1363

We also went to a surfing competition Saturday around 10:30 am. They used jetskis to pull surfers in to the waves to do cool tricks. But the waves were kind of small, so it probably wasn’t as amazing as it could have been.

IMG_1371 IMG_1373

I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! Leave a comment below to let us know what you’ve been up to!

Last Few Days in Santa Barbara

Hello everyone! Geoff and I are coming up on our last few days in Santa Barbara, so we’ve been trying to make the most of them.

Wednesday, we drove up to Knapps Castle for a short 2.5 mile hike. There are ruins of an old mansion, which makes the hike that much more fun. Along with climbing on things. That makes it fun too.

IMG_1215 IMG_1218IMG_1222 

And beautiful views:



Thursday, I dropped Geoff and Jake off at the top of Cold Springs. It was probably a 35 minute drive up narrow, windy roads to the top!

IMG_1243 IMG_1244IMG_1248 IMG_1247 IMG_1246


And a fun drive down to the bottom to pick them up.

IMG_1251 IMG_1250 IMG_1249


We are grateful for our time in Santa Barbara, but excited for SLO! Geoff loves it there and we are sure to get in some good mountain biking as well as quality time with friends. Our plans for post San Louis Obispo aren’t quite finalize yet, but I’ll update you when they are!

Nashville: a week full of country music and awesome accents

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. As much as everyone keeps talking about fall, I don’t believe that any day over 70 degrees counts as a “fall day.” If you can wear shorts and play outside in the sun without a long sleeve shirt, that’s still summer. Fall means jeans, long sleeves, football, crisp air and coats at night, any of which we haven’t experienced yet!

Anyways… Geoff and I spent last week in Nashville. His client had a marketing summit Wednesday through Friday, so we stayed Saturday to see some sights. They had us in a hotel downtown, which made it nice to walk everywhere.


Proof that Geoff has to be an adult in the real world sometimes.

IMG_1098 IMG_1099

We went to honkytonks almost every night. Ever since I was 12, I thought that “honkytonk” was a made up word from an Alan Jackson song, not a bar where a band sings a mixture of country music covers, countrified rock songs, and a few of their own written pieces.

IMG_0067 IMG_0069

This is downtown Nashville, you can kinda see all of the neon signs for the music bars. If you ever go, we liked Tuesday through Thursday night the most. There wasn’t too many drunk people yelling or bachelorette parties, and you could find a table and chairs or a spot at the bar to sit.


Thursday night, Geoff’s client took them (like 80 people) out to dinner to Margaritaville, and his client’s boss invited me too. Am I too old to be excited about free meals and unlimited margaritas?

We moved to a cheaper, yet nicer hotel near Vanderbilt on Friday. Look at the awesome view out our window. If I was a Vandy parent, I’d stay out of the cold and watch football games from here.


Geoff was done early Friday, so after he caught up with Distilled work, we went out to see some stuff. Like Nashville’s replica of the Greek Pantheon.

IMG_1115 IMG_1114

And the Yazoo brewery.

IMG_1117 IMG_1120

And more honkytonks.


Saturday was probably the best. First we rented a car through someone Geoff works with (and got a cheap rate) then we were upgraded. For free.


How do we get this lucky? I don’t know. I do know that we had fun driving it. To the Jack Daniels distillery that is.

IMG_1130 IMG_1133

It was a great tour. Our guide had an awesome accent and it was interesting to learn how they make their whiskey. They make their own charcoal to filter it, all their water comes from a nearby creek that’s iron-free and filtered through limestone, and they use new barrels every time. Oh, and they’ve never lost a barrel of whiskey to a fire. They say that all their whiskey is made on site, right there, then aged 4-6 years.

IMG_1144 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1140IMG_1141 IMG_1136

After we had some great BBQ, we headed back towards Nashville and stopped at The Battle of Stone’s River for a civil war history lesson. Crazy to think about how much happened in that area, from being captured multiple times to this huge battle that killed over 23,000 people.


Our last fun activity in Nashville was dinner at The Listening Room Cafe with great entertainment. It was a few artists that took turns singing songs they wrote, all of them were so good! It has to be incredibly hard to “make it” especially with how much talent seems to be in the area.


And we ended with ice cream. And an apparent photo shoot? Don’t ask me, it was all Geoff’s doing.

IMG_1155 IMG_1160 IMG_1165 IMG_1173