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After Geoff and I returned from Big Sur, we headed in the opposite direction, to San Diego for the week. Grandpa and Grandma Kenyon rented a lovely beachside condo and we had a wonderful time playing in the water, spending time with family and working on the patio for a few days. Geoff even did a bit of surfing for the first time in several years!

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Although we were sad we couldn’t stay the whole week in Encinitas with the family, we had an exciting reason to leave. Geoff was speaking in front of about 150 people at his company’s conference, also conveniently in San Diego. His presentation was about “Optimizing your Brand” and he did a great job!

IMG_1244 IMG_1239Geoff

The conference was at a nice resort on Vacation Island, really close to SeaWorld. The rooms were cool because they were set up bungalow style. A building had 2-5 rooms, all ground floor with parking spots next to them. This made the resort more spread out, which they filled in with pool, ponds and trees. And ducks.

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Did I mention that Geoff and I have a personal chiropractor that we bring around with us? Actually, Jake was in San Diego for a seminar. So he practiced on us. I needed some work after chasing all the ducks.

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It was a a great week in San Diego. We finished off the weekend with a hike that went a little too late. We got a beautiful sunset, but hiking down in the dark isn’t all that fun.


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Next up is Nashville. Geoff has a business trip and I get to tag along!

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