Finding Fun in Royal City

Hello everyone!

We’ve spent a few weeks here in Royal City and it has just FLOWN by. It’s dark by the time Geoff is done with work, so most of our fun things happen over the weekend. Although it doesn’t feel like we’ve done a lot, the pictures say otherwise.

Picking grapes for my cousins wine. I think he’s making it in to a Riesling?

picking-grapes RC1

Hiking at the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge from the Blythe Lake entrance.


And a second time at Drumheller Channels.

columbia-national-wildlife-refuge1 RC4 RoyalCity1

Lots of dog walks with Borgi and Buddy.


Working with the dog


Hiking with Kaylee at Lake Lenore Caves

Lake-Lenore-Caves-10 Lake-Lenore-Caves-1 Lake-Lenore-Caves-11 Lake-Lenore-Caves-9 Lake-Lenore-Caves-8 Lake-Lenore-Caves-7 Lake-Lenore-Caves-6 Lake-Lenore-Caves-5 Lake-Lenore-Caves-4 Lake-Lenore-Caves-3 Lake-Lenore-Caves-2

Dry Falls scenic point. Back during the Missoula Floods, it was three times as big as Niagara Falls!

Dry-Falls Dry-Falls-1

Duck hunting

RC5 RoyalCity2 RoyalCity3 RoyalCity5

Columbia River


And a puppy. Named Milly. How precious is that face?!

RC6 RC7 RoyalCity6 RoyalCity7

Geoff becoming an expert with the chainsaw.

RoyalCity8 RoyalCity9

It’s been a fun few weeks. We’ve gotten a lot done work-wise and are really excited to go on vacation. Yes, through this whole trip Geoff hasn’t taken any vacation time so we are heading off to use it all up!

We are still praying about where we should be and are getting closer to a decision. We will let everyone know when we come to a final decision!

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