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First Week in San Louis Obispo

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lapse in posts, it feels like we’ve been busy all week, although I’m not sure what we’ve been doing.

Packing up to leave has become more and more painless. I guess you can say we are pros at it by now.

IMG_0094 IMG_0100

We made it to SLO Sunday evening with plenty of time to unpack in to our apartment. We are staying with a friend of a friend, who converted a portion of her home into a mini apartment. We have a mini fridge, a plugin burner, a microwave and a little sink. However, the living room and bedroom are normal size.


This is what Geoff does on his lunch break.

IMG_1350 IMG_1351

I’d show you what I do on my lunch break but I don’t take pictures of myself shopping. Just kidding! Geoff went mountain biking once on his lunch break and I dropped him off and went to Target.

Wednesday evening, we went out to Irish hills for a mini hike, you know, keeping along with the theme of our apartment. Geoff tried to tell me it was full of leprechauns but I didn’t believe him because there wasn’t any gold.

IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1310 IMG_1303

Thursday, we went to the downtown SLO farmers market. It was neat because they had live musicians each block and tons of food. Usually I feel like there is usually expensive organic fruits and veggies, artisan bread, soaps, and hippie crafts. This one had BBQ, burritos, popcorn, cotton candy, bouncy houses, and cake. Kind of like a party.


We also met up with Garrett and Christine, Geoff’s friends from Cal Poly. It was great to see them and we made plans to do something again later in the week.

Friday, we met Geoff’s parents for Jane’s birthday. It was at a lovely restaurant in Pismo and we watched a beautiful sunset while waiting for a table and hearing about Eric’s recent travels.

IMG_0120 IMG_0121

Saturday was our day to sleep! We got a membership to the new Cal Poly Rec Center earlier in the week and had been going every morning at 6 am. It’s pretty isn’t it?

IMG_1336 IMG_1363

We also went to a surfing competition Saturday around 10:30 am. They used jetskis to pull surfers in to the waves to do cool tricks. But the waves were kind of small, so it probably wasn’t as amazing as it could have been.

IMG_1371 IMG_1373

I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! Leave a comment below to let us know what you’ve been up to!

Last Few Days in Santa Barbara

Hello everyone! Geoff and I are coming up on our last few days in Santa Barbara, so we’ve been trying to make the most of them.

Wednesday, we drove up to Knapps Castle for a short 2.5 mile hike. There are ruins of an old mansion, which makes the hike that much more fun. Along with climbing on things. That makes it fun too.

IMG_1215 IMG_1218IMG_1222 

And beautiful views:



Thursday, I dropped Geoff and Jake off at the top of Cold Springs. It was probably a 35 minute drive up narrow, windy roads to the top!

IMG_1243 IMG_1244IMG_1248 IMG_1247 IMG_1246


And a fun drive down to the bottom to pick them up.

IMG_1251 IMG_1250 IMG_1249


We are grateful for our time in Santa Barbara, but excited for SLO! Geoff loves it there and we are sure to get in some good mountain biking as well as quality time with friends. Our plans for post San Louis Obispo aren’t quite finalize yet, but I’ll update you when they are!

Keep it Classy San Diego

After Geoff and I returned from Big Sur, we headed in the opposite direction, to San Diego for the week. Grandpa and Grandma Kenyon rented a lovely beachside condo and we had a wonderful time playing in the water, spending time with family and working on the patio for a few days. Geoff even did a bit of surfing for the first time in several years!

IMG_1026 IMG_0041


IMG_0001 IMG_1024IMG_1014

Although we were sad we couldn’t stay the whole week in Encinitas with the family, we had an exciting reason to leave. Geoff was speaking in front of about 150 people at his company’s conference, also conveniently in San Diego. His presentation was about “Optimizing your Brand” and he did a great job!

IMG_1244 IMG_1239Geoff

The conference was at a nice resort on Vacation Island, really close to SeaWorld. The rooms were cool because they were set up bungalow style. A building had 2-5 rooms, all ground floor with parking spots next to them. This made the resort more spread out, which they filled in with pool, ponds and trees. And ducks.

IMG_1052 IMG_0047IMG_1038 IMG_1039

Did I mention that Geoff and I have a personal chiropractor that we bring around with us? Actually, Jake was in San Diego for a seminar. So he practiced on us. I needed some work after chasing all the ducks.

IMG_0050 IMG_1036IMG_1051 IMG_1054

It was a a great week in San Diego. We finished off the weekend with a hike that went a little too late. We got a beautiful sunset, but hiking down in the dark isn’t all that fun.


IMG_1069 IMG_1085

Next up is Nashville. Geoff has a business trip and I get to tag along!

Big Sur. It was Gorgeous!

As I mentioned earlier for Geoff’s birthday, we drove up to Big Sur to camp, hike and see the area. And it did not disappoint! It was so beautiful. And at times I felt as though the scene belonged to a tropical paradise, not central coast California.

We found the second to last walk-in camping spot (yes we gamble like that) and even had an ocean view! Geoff put forth a valiant effort blowing up the air mattress… We ended up making friends with some grandparents with a motorhome and after visiting with them for a while, they were more than happy to share any size of extension cord they had with us. They were from Paso Robles, so it was fun to talk with them about their grandkids, 4-H, and Cal Poly.

IMG_0007 IMG_0006

The first place on our list was Julia Pfeiffer Park for hiking. We took a short walk to a waterfall first. Can you see it in the picture below? I think the beauty of the walk was more for the entire view, not the little spout of a waterfall!

IMG_1156 IMG_1171 IMG_1163

Next up was Edwoldsen Trail. It was on a list of “must dos” because it goes through a redwood grove and loops back after a viewpoint. We didn’t finish it because it was hot and half of the trail was closed for maintenance. But we definitely got dirty and saw some redwoods.

IMG_1172 IMG_1177 IMG_1178

After hiking, we drove up the coast. We camped on the southern coastline of Big Sur at Plaskett Creek, so we took a scenic drive up towards the northern areas until we reached Hurricane Point. Can you see why it’s called Hurricane Point?

IMG_1180 IMG_1186IMG_0009 IMG_0008

We were a little sleepy after being in the car for so long, so we took a nap once we got back to the campground. And had a delicious dinner. For camping, this looks pretty good huh? It’s all in the preparation…


After a long night of people arriving at 2 am and shining their flashlights in our tent. Yes, people can be vultures on a long vacation weekend. So we left and went on another hike. This time in the hills facing the ocean close to our campground. We did about three easy miles through some brush with a beautiful view the entire time. Can you see the small truck in the fifth picture?


IMG_1218 IMG_1216 IMG_1189 IMG_1214

We drove up Naciemento Road after that. It’s a small, pretty road that winds back in to the hills and eventually meets back up with 101. We almost ran in to Bambi who was chilling in the shade in the middle of the road.

IMG_1227 IMG_1219 IMG_1222



We spent the afternoon at the Sand Dollar Beach before packing up to come home early. There were just beginning to be too many obnoxious people at the campground and we didn’t want to deal with it. So we left on a good note, definitely seeing enough of what we wanted at Big Sur. Geoff was also able to spend more time working on his presentation later, so we weren’t sad about leaving early.

Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you did for Labor Day Weekend. We’d love to hear from you!