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Peed on the P, More Hiking, Wine and Art

No, we didn’t actually pee on the P, but it makes for an interesting title.

calpoly P

We hiked up to the top of the hill that the P is on. It was a relatively easy and short hike, but had amazing views. We were up at the top just in time for sunset.


IMG_1674 IMG_1673 IMG_1696

I didn’t expect it to be painted different colors. It looks white from far away, but I guess you can get a permit to paint it?

Anyways, the next day we went mountain biking at Shooters again.


IMG_1726 IMG_1736

Not sure if Geoff was worried about it or what, but it was beautiful and went much faster than last time. We made it up the grade pretty quick!


Geoff planned a date this week too, nothing that I would have expected…


A painting class! Our instructor was a bit of weirdo. You can tell I’m a little skeptical of what he’s saying…


IMG_0208 IMG_1787

But they turned out alright! Geoff’s is the one on the left. Doesn’t it look so good?! We really had a lot of fun, even though we aren’t the artistic types.

Our last activity of the week was a hike at Montana de Oro. It was super cold and foggy, which wasn’t bad because I’d been getting a little tired of it being sunny all the time. Who ever thought that I’d miss the Seattle grey days?

IMG_1806 IMG_1803

It was a great view though, the picture above was only a little ways in.

IMG_1804 IMG_1814 IMG_1807


Almost six miles! The elevation was pretty easy which made for a good time. Afterwards, we had a pre-anniversary toast complete with our much beloved New Age.


Next up is a recap of our visit to Carmel for our anniversary weekend! I’ll get that post up soon!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us!

By the time you are reading this, we’ll be in Carmel drinking champagne overlooking the ocean. Ok, maybe not the last part since I scheduled the post to go live at 8 am, but we are in Carmel celebrating our one year anniversary. And since we paid good money for these wedding pictures of ours (and yet to frame them), I’ll show our favorites to you again…

319542_4631437555588_761251074_n 483535_4631435195529_1159362224_n 559722_4631434875521_433596545_n 261422_4631687201829_111923371_n12089_4631830885421_172407097_n 68683_4631888166853_1539889891_n486988_4631759163628_300461508_n 47284_4631759323632_1403665833_n 479980_4631697562088_538479204_n 61413_4631701642190_563351181_n30358_4631689281881_2033355068_n 299941_4631714482511_1337142987_n598534_4631691001924_1800991461_n 228368_4631691601939_766792210_n483444_4631706002299_1413014039_n 312730_4631697242080_352426433_n155481_4631695962048_320773763_n


Weee’reeee Baaacckkk!

I apologize for the long lapse in posts everyone. Life gets busy sometimes… So, lets start with where we left off.

The first weekend in October, we met up with Geoff’s old roommates from college. We rented an awesome house that slept 9 in Morro Bay and spent the weekend catching up, eating, surfing, playing a legendary game of bocce ball (Geoff and I won!) and relaxing.

IMG_1495 and yes, this happened on the way.

IMG_1498 IMG_1499

Kari, the pancake extraordinaire and her amazing shapes.

IMG_1500 IMG_1501 IMG_1502 IMG_1508

Long conversations at the dinner table about building our own commune, chiropractic adjustments and chilly water!

IMG_1515 IMG_0188

Bocce Ball in the backyard and one last picture of the beach that was just steps away….

After our wonderful weekend, Geoff headed to London for a work conference and I headed back to my parents for a weekend at home.

IMG_1564 IMG_1563

It was soo gorgeous!

IMG_1548 IMG_1549

I had some great work companions.

IMG_1582 IMG_1569

Saw wonderful sunrises and Kaylee’s volleyball game

IMG_1610 IMG_1613

Visited my sister in Richland.


Tricked Dad in to doing a plank. “Betcha mom can do it longer than you!”

IMG_1661 IMG_1664

Visited with my pretty horse.

Geoff’s photos weren’t as cool. I think most of his time was spent either in a bar or at the office.

IMG_0197 IMG_0199 IMG_0198 IMG_0200

Yellowstone postcards to anyone who can guess why Geoff took a photo of the bathroom… Yup, we bought some and never sent them.

IMG_0202 IMG_0201

He also put Mack Webb pictures all over a friend’s desk and took one picture of the London Bridge


Oh and you can’t forget the weird murals of the half naked ladies in the bar conference room. WTF?

We’ve got another post coming with updates of everything post-London and Royal City. I’ll get it out soon!

Low Key Weekend in SLO

Saturday after the surfing competition, we met up with Garrett and Christine to go for a drive through See Canyon. We’d heard from Jacquie that it was really pretty back there and that they had a lot of fun fruit stands to stop at. So off we went!

IMG_0135 IMG_0134

Of course we brought back 10 pounds of apples that we may or may not finish. Grandma Shirl probably needs to teach me how to make her apple pie…

IMG_0131 IMG_0128

It really was a pretty drive through the canyon, then up and over the mountain and down back in to SLO. We made a loop, especially since we drove back to Avila afterwards. We ate dinner at the Custom House in Avila Beach. It was so pretty hanging out on the pier while waiting for a table.

Sunday, we went to church at SLO Calvary. It’s weird trying out new churches. If you aren’t going with a friend or family, you’re there all by yourself, don’t know anyone. You don’t really want to stick around for fellowship afterwards… It’s awkward. We only made friends at the church in Fort Collins because we went to a community group.

Moving on. After church, Geoff finished up a deliverable and then we went on a hike! Madonna was fun- Geoff mountain biked it earlier that week, so it was great to see where he’d gone. And it was a gorgeous day. Sunny with a breeze that cooled us off.

IMG_1401 IMG_1388 IMG_1398


And that was it! Except I forgot to mention that it was Geoff’s 3 year anniversary with Distilled.

IMG_0123 IMG_0124

Monday, we managed to get in quite a few activities.

First, I dropped Geoff off at the top of the grade for another mountain biking lunch break.

IMG_1427 IMG_1424 IMG_1429 IMG_1431

And then picked him up at the bottom with a flat tire.

Second, we went for a random drive and ended up out by Los Osos and Montana de Oro. We really are old people aren’t we? It was kind of creepy looking because of the eucalyptus trees hanging over the road and the foggy/gray sky.


The last one’s exciting! We had Hayley over for a Thai dinner. We had a great time catching up, hearing about her swim from Alcatraz and grad school life. She was an amazing guest because she brought ice cream. Along with just being cool in general.


But that’s the only picture I have to show for it.