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Finding Fun in Royal City

Hello everyone!

We’ve spent a few weeks here in Royal City and it has just FLOWN by. It’s dark by the time Geoff is done with work, so most of our fun things happen over the weekend. Although it doesn’t feel like we’ve done a lot, the pictures say otherwise.

Picking grapes for my cousins wine. I think he’s making it in to a Riesling?

picking-grapes RC1

Hiking at the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge from the Blythe Lake entrance.


And a second time at Drumheller Channels.

columbia-national-wildlife-refuge1 RC4 RoyalCity1

Lots of dog walks with Borgi and Buddy.


Working with the dog


Hiking with Kaylee at Lake Lenore Caves

Lake-Lenore-Caves-10 Lake-Lenore-Caves-1 Lake-Lenore-Caves-11 Lake-Lenore-Caves-9 Lake-Lenore-Caves-8 Lake-Lenore-Caves-7 Lake-Lenore-Caves-6 Lake-Lenore-Caves-5 Lake-Lenore-Caves-4 Lake-Lenore-Caves-3 Lake-Lenore-Caves-2

Dry Falls scenic point. Back during the Missoula Floods, it was three times as big as Niagara Falls!

Dry-Falls Dry-Falls-1

Duck hunting

RC5 RoyalCity2 RoyalCity3 RoyalCity5

Columbia River


And a puppy. Named Milly. How precious is that face?!

RC6 RC7 RoyalCity6 RoyalCity7

Geoff becoming an expert with the chainsaw.

RoyalCity8 RoyalCity9

It’s been a fun few weeks. We’ve gotten a lot done work-wise and are really excited to go on vacation. Yes, through this whole trip Geoff hasn’t taken any vacation time so we are heading off to use it all up!

We are still praying about where we should be and are getting closer to a decision. We will let everyone know when we come to a final decision!

Our Short Time in Bend

We really had a great time in Bend. It was short, but definitely a lot of fun and so gorgeous!

Bend-1 bend-2 bend-3

After a beautiful 11 hour drive with amazing views of Mt Shasta, we arrived late Saturday in Bend. Since the place we were staying was relatively close to downtown, we stretched our legs and walked to find some dinner. Of course, we found ourselves at the Deschutes Brewery & Public House.


It was a lot colder at night than we expected while walking on the way back. We packed in July and for some reason didn’t bring too many warm clothes…

The next morning we attended a nice little church and went hiking at Tumalo Falls.



It started out great, but ended with snow after less than a mile. So, we didn’t actually hike as much as go on a quick walk.

bend-5 bend-6

So we drove around and looked at neighborhoods and available houses. Then we found Pilot Butte, a huge hill that has a great view of Bend.

bend-7 bend-8

And found ourselves with more beer. Did you know there are 16 breweries in Bend? Kind of awesome.


After Geoff finished work on Monday we went for a tour of the Deschutes Brewery. It was pretty interesting and similar to our New Belgium tour.

IMG_1909 IMG_1908

Tuesday after work, we went for a drive and mini hike on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. The road goes up to Mt. Bachelor and around the back of the mountain, curving back towards Bend.

bend-9 bend-10

On the way up, we stopped at Todd Lake for a mini hike.

IMG_1930 bend-11 bend-12 bend-13 IMG_0290 IMG_0286

There was no one out there! It was so quiet on the lake and the roads too.


No one for miles.


And Wednesday we left for Royal City, but stopped at a popular rock climbing destination on the way, Smith Rock.bend-16 bend-17 bend-18

IMG_0298 IMG_0308

We didn’t see any rock climbers, but we also didn’t take too much time there since we had to drive 5 hours. And we made it by 10pm! And since it was dark, we managed to miss our last state sign.


We made it: Bend, OR

One of our last fun activities in SLO was driving behind Lake Lopez. The road that crosses a creek about a million times before ending at a trailhead. It was getting dark, so we didn’t get to do much hiking, but the drive was pretty and fun.

IMG_1851 IMG_1858 IMG_1855 IMG_1853 IMG_0236 IMG_0238

Geoff and I left Saturday at 4:45 AM for Bend.


IMG_1876 IMG_1878 IMG_1885

We had a pretty sunrise and great views of Mt. Shasta. After almost 11 hours, we finally arrived.

IMG_1890 IMG_1888

And I couldn’t help but post pictures of Dan’s dog. We’re staying at his house and his dog is sooo fluffy!

IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1906 IMG_1907

His name is Chowder, but Geoff calls him Cottonball.


Anniversary Weekend in Carmel

Hello everyone! We are in our last days in San Louis Obispo, packing up and getting ready to drive north to Bend. For our anniversary, we spent a night in Carmel. It’s a cute little town that has kept everything small. There aren’t any big hotels really and the beach only has residences that look out over it.

We stayed in a really pretty inn, complete with tea time and quiche for breakfast. Our ocean view looked better in person.

IMG_1830 IMG_1828 IMG_1827

We didn’t walk around the town shops too much. It was a little high end for our tastes, but the beach was pretty and one street back from where we were staying.


We had dinner at a great little French restaurant and explored Point Lobos the next day.

IMG_1358 IMG_1387

PointLobos2 PointLobos4 PointLobos3 PointLobos8 PointLobos7 PointLobos6 PointLobos1 IMG_1418 IMG_1390 IMG_1378

Point Lobos is a preserve, and considered the north end of Big Sur. Birds were the only animals we saw although we could hear sea lions from a ways off. It really was pretty cool and full of different trails you can take.


Then we drove back to SLO and hit up the drive in for a double feature.


I’d never been to the drive in before, so I thought it was pretty cool all snuggled up in the bed with blankets and couch cushions.


One last thing I made Geoff do? Take 1 year anniversary photos with me. In the pumpkin patch.



Because fall is not complete with a visit to the pumpkin patch. See you in Bend!