Blue Sky MTB and Hewlitt’s Gulch

Since Mack and Geoff both work in the same industry, she wanted to do a video with Geoff. We filmed it at a nearby studio and they did a great job discussing how SEO and social media work together. I’m sure it’ll be very helpful for a lot of people. If you are really interested in seeing it, let me know and I’ll provide the link once its posted.


Wednesday after work, we went mountain biking at Blue Sky Trail. Fort Collins has this awesome network of trails that connect to each other and make for a long ride if you want to do the whole thing. Blue Sky wasn’t an uphill trail, it more of went up and down, so there was a lot of pedaling the whole time instead of the usual grind pedaling uphill and then having on the fun ride down. But it was a good learning trail for me and Geoff was just happy to be out on his bike.

We covered 8 miles and 1000 ft elevation in all.

Blue Sky Trail Blue Sky Trail Blue Sky Trail

We went hiking at Hewlitt Gulch Thursday after work in the Poudre (Pooter) Canyon. It was a mellow hike, not much uphill, but we crossed a stream about 10 million times and passed by some old homesteads. We also hiked through some burned areas from their fire last year which was interesting to look at.

Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt GulchHewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch Hewlitt GulchHewlitt Gulch Hewlitt GulchHewlitt Gulch Hewlitt Gulch

It was a bit sandy and muddy in areas, which is why you see Geoff with his shoe off. But we had fun on our last hike in Fort Collins!

We leave Saturday morning early, 4:30 AM early. And drive 17 hours to Santa Barbara. I get really restless in cars, so once the pretty scenery is over I’ll be taking some Benadryl.

Fort Collins has been a great place to stay, and even if we don’t end up moving here, Geoff and I would love to come back to visit. We’ve got a standing offer on our Mack’s guest room, which we’ll probably take them up on!

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